SUPERIOR (Arc-Flash)

  • SUPERIOR MXBGXKL Clutch Gear® ...









    • Carbon fiber withstands prolonged exposure to direct flame and will not burn, char or harden
    • Arc flash test to level 2 with an ATPV of 19.1 cal/cm2
    • Goat-grain palms for incredible abrasion resistance
    • Sewn with black Kevlar® thread for stronger seams
    • Heat resistance up to 284°F/140°C

  • SUPERIOR MXVSBFR Clutch Gear® ...









    • Hi-viz orange backing for enhanced safety
    • Flame resistant and impact resistant
    • Digitized leather palm patches provide excellent grip, and are cushioned for comfort
    • Arc flash level 2 with an Arc-Thermal Performance value of 15 cal/cm2

  • SUPERIOR S18KGNE Dexterity® 1 ...







    Introducing the world’s thinnest, most dexterous arc flash-rated glove. In situations that demand high dexterity and arc flash protection, these gloves are the only option.

    Scientifically engineered for flame resistance, these gloves offer Arc Flash Hazard Category 2 with an ATPV of 8.2 cal/cm2 as well as 1,125 grams of cut protection (ANSI Level A3) to help protect workers against arc flash and cut hazards.